Iphones, they are everywhere!

When you walk down the street you can probably see several people with an iphone. When you sit on the bus you can probably see people texting on an iphone. Majority of the users of the iphone is in fact teens, if not people under the age of 30 according to data here. I myself wouldn’t care for an iphone, and I am stuck with a fairly unpopular Nokia phone. If you would go on Amazon and look at the prices, you would realize that you can probably trade an iphone for a desktop computer of some sort. It may not be a great desktop, but if you walk into Future shop or Best Buy, a tower is about somewhere around $600, not excluding monitors, and other devices. Would I ever get an iphone? Probably not. I am fine with the with the crappy Nokia phone that I currently carry. If I were to play games on a *Cell phone*, I might as well get a tablet for that – the screen is bigger too. For me, simple texting, voice calls, media hosting and to have some music to listen to on the way is sufficient for a cellphone. In your group of friend you may have some that says the IPhone is the best, some may say it isn’t so great. There are also a fair number of people that criticizes it. What makes Apple fans enjoy them so much? What makes the haters tick?What makes an Iphone so popular? Is it worth the effort to get one? We shall find out below.

What is so great about the Iphone?

Let’s look at some of the things that makes the Iphone so great. The iphone offer updated maps, a new fancy camera, over 700000 games from the app store,and fast performance, The updated maps offer fancy colors and rotates. It even has an realistic view of the map that seems to be poking out at you. Also, why would you listen to music on the bus or waiting in line when you have so many fancy addicting games to play from the app store? The app store on the iphone offers over 700000 games and apps for you to choose from. You probably would spend a long time just to browse through the store before even starting to play some of the games. Aside from Samsung and Android fans, the Iphone 5 is ranked #2 on the top ten. We now lives in an era with advanced technology. It is only logical that some people wants to keep up with today’s technology – smartphones and touchscreen.

Let’s hop on the bandwagon! The iphone is out and we must get it. A lot of people doesn’t think about any results or what would happen. The peer pressure is strong in this one, people would get an IPhone just because someone else did and thinks it’s great.

So, to sum up, the Iphone has:

  • A nice and useful map app
  • more than 700000 games with good graphics from the app store.
  • fast speed browsing

People would get it because

  • They feel the need to catch up with technology, and the IPhone seems to be a good piece of technology
  • peer pressure
  • They think it’s cool
  • Phones can do a lot more these days, and Apple is one of the biggest brands, therefore a lot of people turn to apple.

What’s not so great about it?

Aside from the fans that love the Iphone, let’s see what’s not great about it, and what makes haters tick. Haters mostly claim that a large number of people who purchased an Iphone is rather brainless. People would buy Iphones for no apparent reason. They don’t think about the product itself, perhaps maybe just that the $699 is worth the money. There are reasons that the Iphone 5 is not worth getting.If you would do any kind of research, you would find that there are basically no differences between a 4s and 5. They took the 4s, added LTE to it, and made the screen a bit longer and called it the Iphone 5. Soon as they did this, millions of people mindlessly sank their money into this…variant of the 4s. Why did they do this? Because Apple knows how to brainwash people? Or there are an unnecessary amount of Apple fans that would buy anything Apple. Also, think about this: If you walk down the street with a fancy Iphone, listening to music, you are more likely to get robbed(Although robbery rates aren’t high[Shouldn’t]) because you will appear to be rich enough to afford an Iphone.

The Evolution of iphone


This Iphone trend is obviously happening in this new generation. Although In my age(20+), there are a fair number of people demanding or wanting Iphones, I say it is mostly the younger generation who is being affected with technology more than us. When I grew up I never had any gaming systems, we played with REAL toys, yes toys that is not digital. We would have that big rubber ball and we would play outside joyfully. I did not grow up playing xbox and screaming into mics. This current generation, there are kids that are getting in touch with technology faster than how we did. In some 18+ games, as in too much blood and gore(not what you are thinking) I see kids on microphones. Another fact is that they will be very distracted, as the Iphone or related technology is one of the important technologies they grew up with. The younger generation grew up depending on technology.

Another Thing to note is the fact that teens will be rebellious and have that “punk” attitude. There will be the cases where they think that they are entitled to an Iphone or other sophisticated technology. Teens, or people in the next generation from us, grew up around technology. They will feel like it is an essential part of their life, of which is very different from how we grew up. How teens feel is that the are entitled to all the expensive technology. I didn’t get that Iphone for Christmas, screw you mom and dad I hate you!


This is what the Iphone has done to our society. Kids are getting sophisticated technology at a young age. This is not necessarily a good sign. As teens are growing up, and they are given sophisticated technology at a young age, it will grow up on them and they will feel like it is a part of their life now. If they lose that, their life will never be the same again, as if they lost someone important. Buying an Iphone is not like buying a bage of chips. If “Mom can i have a bag of chips?” then it is negotiable. You do not buy an Iphone from a day to day basis. Note the price of an Iphone. It is not worth it. Majority of the customers are Apple fans that feel the need of getting one because it is a “new fancy product”. I wouldn’t get one, perhaps it is the fact that I am not an Apple person. It is also for the fact that Apple treats its customers like sheep. Here’s the new version of Iphone, buy it.


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